ventures in the life of a kinky queer femme

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Gabrielle Rivera- kiss, kiss, bang, bang

kisses deserve the sanctity of quiet classification

as in i know my categories, as in you should have some too

there is a difference between sloppy, satisfying and super charged white lighting boom

there are bitches who don’t deserve shit

do not kiss them

be they beautiful beyond boundaries of sanity, full bodied with mass appeal for Playboy covers, masturbation fantasies and video shoots

bitches who have bitches they roll with, nothing more to say and contribute 

emptiness to the galaxy

you will be drained. i promise.

this is the cost of kissing a bitch. do not risk.

save lips. save semi-precious weaponery for butterfly kiss against brain instead.

there are girls you kiss in cum stained bathrooms against walls used for unprotected, unlubricated fucking

anal or otherwise

half drunk girls whose names never existed, whose bare breasts fill palm of hand but leave no offering

kisses that satiate immediate need for validation and because fuck it, if she’s cute enough…

know the difference between kisses

it is a master skill, master yourself and the lips you use to say ‘hello’

there are women that must only be kissed under the glow of urban moonlight as the rush of weary 
whizzes by

miss this moment and mouth will wake up angry for the memory

women untamed, hair natural, attitude in balance with equator and lunar pulls

women with hips for children, breasts for worshipping and small smiles that are flashed for only you {in the moment} {hers for always}

there are muses whose mouths must be mounted in between ever moistening mounds of thighs and moments of unrestrained eye contact

take muse to museum

find Frida and Diego invite them to join

covered in political acrylics, sex partner history and legend

take muse to private corner of altar with one candle lit for every kiss, with one rosary bead counted for every droplet of sweat produced by overactive glands

say a fucking prayer and then say one more for her

let tongues guide secrets and stories of before this instance into bloodstream, into bowels, into pulsing brain waves

it is the only way for some things to be shared

there are goddesses who must be kissed between the loops of Orion’s belt

entangle Cassiopeia and make it Cosmic

create intergalactic group make out session that leads into milky way lovemaking

with my milk leading the way for fusion of constellations followed by rapture

kiss a Goddess once and you will always know what God tastes like

be a kiss ninja.

kisses are for girls, women, muses, goddesses, warriors, witches, spinsters, alchemists, teachers, semi drunken sages and all those who believe that exactly where you are is where you’ve always needed to be

kissing is for poets, dreamers, motorcycle rebels, day laborers, night crawlers, 

early birds, and bridge walkers…

a kiss is always just a kiss

until it is both sunrise and sunset

know the difference

Thursday, May 17, 2012

"Even though I can be harsh in my criticism and I can be strong in my beliefs, I try not to be mean. And I don’t have a very high tolerance for other people who are cruel or personally insulting in a way that I think is meant to humiliate people."
—Rachel Maddow